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The community has spoken


“The Champion Academy is the best thing that has ever happened to my daughter. She now has a 4.0+ GPA for the 3rd straight year, improved self-esteem and tools to overcome old problems.”
—Christy, Mother of two year Participant


“I have seen some of my most challenging students make complete turnarounds after the Champion Academy came into my school. Students are showing me their report cards, sharing how they’ve done and bringing their suspensions to zero.“
—Susan Ladd, Principal, Henry Hudson School #28

Cindy king

“As an educator, I am deeply impressed with the social, emotional and academic transformation I’ve seen by students within the Champion Academy. This program is an intelligent and impactful solution that should be expanded across the nation.”
—Cindy Champlin, Educator of 26 Years

Pat Burke 2

“I’ve spent time with Roland Williams and students of the Champion Academy and continue to witness first-hand the promise of its extreme mentoring methodology for youth suffering under the yoke of poverty and violence. This is a transformative program we all need to support.”
—Pat Burke, Managing Principal, Burke Group

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“The Champion Academy is Rochester’s best counterpunch to the lure of gang, drug and poverty culture destroying our future workforce. This program keeps kids in school, focused and on the way toward respectable citizenship. The numbers speak for themselves. This program is a winner.”
—Dan Lang, SVP Customer Relations, Sutherland Global

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“Participating in the Champion Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. This program is the necessary bridge our community desperately needs to connect students with tremendous need with people of means willing to help get them out of emotional and physical poverty.”
—Dr. Edward Schwarz, Director, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, Burton Professor of Orthopedics

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“The ESL Charitable Foundation is proud to support Roland and the Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative. This program’s passionate commitment to education and self-empowerment align perfectly with our funding goals.”
—Ajamu Kitwana, Executive Director, ESL Charitable Foundation

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“Five Star Bank is pleased to join the long list of companies and individuals who provide financial support to the Champion Academy. I challenge every remaining company in Rochester to step up and support this worthwhile cause.”
—Martin Birmingham, CEO & President, Five Star Bank

What the members say

Amarie H.

Teen Participant, Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative

You guys taught me to turn all negative into fuel. Besides my family, you guys are my only motivation. I really thought I was not smart enough for some things, but you guy really inspired me to not be shy and to stand out. I appreciate the things you guys do for me.

Antwan L.

Teen Participant, Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative

The Champion Academy is an extreme mentoring program gives teens a chance to help themselves fight for their future and be successful. I've noticed that being a member of the Champion Academy shows how much I want to be successful in life and it's different from other programs because we are able to gain more knowledge than other places like a rec center or social media which is throwing us teens off and not being able to do what is needed to succeed in life that's why I like being a member of the Champion Academy.

Clifford W.

Teen Participant, Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative

What the Champion Academy does for me that other programs do not do is provide me with more techniques on how I can fight for my future and avoid poverty based mentality. The champion academy is an extended family that’s helpful in each and every way and is there no matter what. Also, the Champion Academy does not want payments or money from us all they want is focus, effort, discipline and for us to want to fight for our future more than they fight for our future.